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Aircraft pilot training: there are many career options….. airline pilot, bush pilot, corporate pilot, flight instructor, pilot examiner, medevac pilot, international flying….. all require completion of a basic instruction program to get started, followed by specialised training to meet the expectations of prospective employers.

Drone Training: All of the commercial UAV/Drone operators in Canada and USA must complete “Compliant Operators” training starting from 2017.  Your UAV/Drones fly in the same sky as other manned aircraft, in order to be a commercially compliant drone pilot, you need to get trained by the people with extensive understanding of the aviation industry.  After finishing our courses, you will be a qualified drone operator, knowing the Transport Canada law/rules of drone operating. A lot of careers with UAV/Drone operating and services.

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Private Pilot License (PPL)

Minimum age for Student Pilot Permit – 14 Years
Minimum age for Private Pilot License  – 17 Years
Medical: Candidate must pass a medical exam conducted by a Transport Canada Designated Examiner.
An electrocardiogram is required if the candidate is 40 years or older.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Minimum age for Private Pilot Permit – 17 Years
Minimum age for Commercial Pilot License  – 18 Years
Medical: Candidate must pass a medical exam conducted by a Transport Canada Designated Examiner.
An electrocardiogram is required if the candidate is 40 years or older.

Ratings or Endoursement

Before commencing training for the Instrument Rating, a student requires:

  1. a valid Commercial Pilot Licence or Private Pilot Licence;
  2. in the case of a Multi-engine (Group 1) Instrument Rating, a Multi-engine Rating;
  3. a valid Category 1, or 3 Medical Certificate.

One stop UAV/DRONE Training, we are the only training organiser provides ground AND assembling/operating courses

Canadian Aviation College UAV/Drone training programs not only teaches you all of the essential knowledge to get started in the unmanned aviation industry but also training you how to ASSEMBLE and OPERATE an UAV/Drone. You will be trained by experienced commercial aircraft pilot instructor. Our UAV/Drone course includes a Radio Operators Certificate (ROC-A)

UAV/Drone Operating and Advance Training

Turn hobby into professional! By finishing UAV / Drone operating course, you should can legally and operating the drone safety. If you need understand more Technical knowledgeable, please take our Advance UAV / Drone Training programs.

UAV/DRONE Operating Course

What you need to know before flying a drone (To stay out of Trouble). By taking our course, you will learn Transport Canada laws; You will actually practice on an UAV/Drone; You will get Radio License too. After finishing this course, you can fly UAV/Drone legally and safely.

UAV/Drone Advance Training Course

After finishing this course, you will have the capacity to design an UAV/Drone system. You can buy raw parts to assemble a drone, and fly it with your own written program, What cool it will be! This course is only applicable to the person who is interested in programming and DIY UAV/Drone. And you also must pass our UAV/Drone operating course.

What UAV/Drone Can do for you?

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Aircraft Pilot Licenses and Ratings Training

We help you: 1. Learn How to Fly; 2. Obtain your Private Pilot’s license; 3. Obtain your Commercial Pilot’s license; 4. Learn more about a career in aviation; 5. Obtain your mountain flying or night flying endorsement; 6. Obtain your Instrument Rating or Renew IFR.

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